15 Oct
3-5pm, The Art School - Union Bar 

Create & Sustain: Ellie Harrison


Ellie Harrison was born in London in 1979 and now lives and works in Glasgow, where she graduated from the Master of Fine Art programme at GSA in 2010.

She describes her practice as emerging from an ongoing attempt to strike-a-balance between the roles of ‘artist’, ‘activist’ and ‘administrator’. She uses skills and strategies drawn from each of these perspectives to create fun and engaging work, in-and-out of art world contexts, which aims to expose and challenge the systems which control and rule over our lives.

As well as making politically playful works for gallery contexts and beyond, she is also the founder and coordinator of the national Bring Back British Rail campaign – which strives to popularise the idea of renationalising of our public transport system – and is the agent for The Artists’ Bond – a long-term speculative funding scheme for artists, now with 120 members across the UK.

In this special talk for GSA’s Create + Sustain programme, she will discuss how the various aspects of her practice have developed as responses to the threat to our species posed by climate change. These include her decision to launch her own Environmental Policy on her website in 2010, and to initiate the life-long project Early Warning Signs, in which she attempts to take responsibility for her own production and ‘reduce, reuse, recycle her art’.

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