The World Comes to Glasgow

Coming to Glasgow 1-12 November 2021, COP26 is the major UN environmental meeting. It will see every country around the World gather to discuss the climate emergency.

You’ll see mentions of the ‘Blue Zone’ at the SEC where up to 20,000 delegates, climate scientists, policy makers and politicians, will discuss the issues. A ‘Green Zone’ of exhibitions have public tickets, and there’ll be events around Glasgow, and our own GSA events.

Learn about what’s on throughout 2021/22 with GSA Exhibition’s Close of Play talks series

Hear from Friends of the Earth about what COP is about, check out the Climate Fringe and see what arts events are planned – you can also add your own. There’s a Google sheet with arts events on too.

We’ll highlight our favourite upcoming COP events from organisations around Glasgow and Scotland on our events page, and check out the COP26 Coalition for the big fringe activist events. Watch Live Streams from COP26 on Climate Fringe’s website and check out the Arts4COP26 page for events.

CAN – Glasgow’s Circular Arts Network – have an arts materials hub running throughout COP where you can donate and collect materials.

Major events include the 5 November Youth Climate Strike, the mass mobilisation march on 6 November, and a People’s Summit for Climate Justice 7-10 November

You can volunteer at COP, and be a bigger part of the events happening around COP26. And COP Coalition are looking for volunteers

Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh has a series of events students can get involved in.

Architects – check out the Anthropocene Architecture School, and the Architects Climate Action Network and this Padlet

Fashion Open Studios resources for COP

The Oceans and Climate Justice: A series of talks including GSA’s Stuart Jeffrey on 5th November.

S&J are going to be exhibiting some work in Central Station during COP26 as part of our Jewellery Conversations series. The first part of the project last year, online, involved GSA’s Community Engagement Officer Harriet Simms and the Garnethill community. The next part of the project is called Precious Encounters, and will be exhibited in Gordon street Coffee and online Students have been asked to investigate the notion of “precious” in contemporary jewellery, looking at how we reinvent materiality and narrative in jewellery to evoke conversation about the climate crisis , particularly in public spaces such as the station.

Glasgow Community Food Network has events supporting urban farming and local food.

There’s a COP26 Universities Network. and a youth gathering at Strathclyde University

Changes to our planet affect some first, and some more than others. This is a social justice issue – poor people, those living in the Global South, People of Colour, are all feeling the negative effects first. We must make a more socially just system, one that also lessens our impacts on the environment. Check out Queer Theory, why climate change is a race issue and a feminist one We need all the voices, all the diversity and diverse skills around the World to sort wicked issues like climate change.

Got a place to offer an activist to stay, or need somewhere to stay during COP26? Try the Human Hotel

There’s plenty of ideas of how we at GSA and the local community should mark this occasion. We intend to make it a true Scottish and Glaswegian welcome, linking the issues of man-made climate change to social issues, highlighting how a greener, cleaner World will benefit all of us.

We’re working with students and staff to examine what COP26 means to Glasgow and the GSA. Join us throughout 2021 at SiAG meetings to discuss our participation, and who is working on what in Glasgow, Scotland and the World. You can learn more about the thinking of engaging with students around COP here.

But this isn’t just about those 12 days in November, or the expected thousands of delegates. This is about what it means to be an art school, and what role we can play. We’ll be supporting and promoting academic, social justice and environmental actions right through the year.

Email John to get involved.

Pic: Joe Habben winner Royal Geographical Society Earth Photo Prize 2020