Open Call

Christmas Cycling Art Competition

GSA in association with Cycling Scotland are proud to present “What if Santa had a present?” Open Call! The competition will take place between the 8th of November and the 21st of December with the winners being announced after the Christmas holidays!

Participants will compete for the top 3 places which will grant awards in the form of a combination of monetary and voucher awards as well as exhibition space both online and physically via GSA, Cycling Scotland and Cycling UK’s media channels.
1ST PLACE: £250 (£125 cash + £125 voucher for Bike for Good)
2ND PLACE: £130 (£60 cash + £70 voucher for Bike for Good)
3RD PLACE: £70 (£30 cash + £40 voucher for Bike for Good)

The winners’ exhibition will depend on the medium.

You can enter the competition by contacting GSA’s cycling officer Georgi Gushlekov at . Include your name(s) and a short expression of interest (100 words about your interest in active travel).

Both GROUP and SOLO projects are allowed and there are no restrictions in terms of the media!

Only students of GSA can participate!


Digital submissions can be done at any point within the timeframe. Physical submission will be done via drop-in sessions that will be announced in due time!

Submissions will be reviewed by Georgi Gushlekov, John Thorne and Nicholas Oddy before announcing the winners at the beginning of the new year!

If you have any questions, please get in contact with Georgi