SEDA Magazine

Call for Contributions

SEDA magazine Spring edition is aiming to lead around the subject of “alternatives to plastics”. SEDA members and supporters have a wealth of experience in this regard so we are looking for your ideas, suggestions, experiences of using or specifying alternatives to plastics in whatever guise.

Materials containing fossil fuel based plastics are ubiquitous, of course, so your experience could be at the domestic scale of avoiding (or even campaigning against) plastics in shopping or at a much larger scale such as avoiding plastic wrapped bulk materials such as sacks or pallets. It could be anything from using or specifying non-plastic insulants, tree protection, or non-pvc pipes or cable insulation. We would like to hear you experiences and suggestions.

100-250 words plus any suitable images sent to the SEDA by the end of January 2022. Please include your name plus any designation/qualifications or biography you think is appropriate. We cannot guarantee to print every piece, of course, but we would like a wide variety of examples.