Volunteer COP26 student journalists Wanted

Glasgow University Environmental Sustainability Team’s Student Journalism at COP26 project aims to create accessible coverage of the climate conference for students by students. During COP26, it will involve volunteers producing a range of reports, opinion pieces, photography, and audio and video journalism. We are creating a website called Student Journalism at COP26 which can host many journalistic forms as long as volunteers are happy to produce them. There is also the possibility that some pieces will be featured in a zine which GUEST is contributing to post-COP, with the permission of their creators. Volunteers will be able to contribute to the degree they want, although we will aim to have someone covering the proceedings of COP throughout the two weeks of the conference.

GUEST, in collaboration with the student publications at the University of Glasgow, will be hosting an online and in-person briefing for those interested in getting involved. The briefings will take place during the last week of October. These sessions will include the practical information on how to make submissions to the website as well as some editorial advice from experienced student journalists. The briefings will be advertised on GUEST’s social media as well as sent out to those who have registered an interest in volunteering as student journalists via this Google Form