Freshers Welcome

Hello to GSA

To all our new students this September, welcome! You’re not only joining one of the best art schools in the World, you’re now part of the GSA Family. I’m John Thorne the Sustainability Coordinator at the GSA.

We want you to have the richest experience possible here, and I’m here as Sustainability Coordinator to advise not only on recycling and energy efficiency, but what matters to you within your own practice. We can assist with support and funding looking at materials use, the ethical use of resources, and social justice issues within practice.

The Freshers Week programme is online, and we’ve workshops and events across the Students’ Association and Halls of Residence.

It’s especially important just now to look after your well-being and GSA Sustainability funds and supports projects that support your good mental health.

On our Projects menu, you’ll find advice on everything from cycling to the use of materials. Our Best Practice pages have dozens of examples we’ve funded or supported.

The Events page and Facebook page promote films and talks – which are selected by, and put on for, students here. Get in touch if you’d like to suggest a film or speaker.

We’re here to support you in examining how art can help communicate and connect us emotionally to the big issues like climate change, how we can design a new, bolder more innovative society and economy, and create systems change – creating a more equal, equitable society for all.

Have a look at the GSA’s student environmental and social justice society Re-AD, GSA Beekeeping, GSA Queer Society, GSA Intersectional Feminist Society, STAR – the GSA Refugee Society, GSA People of Colour Collective, GSA Yoga and the work done on recycling and re-use and energy saving in our Halls

Pics: Adam Nathaniel Furman