SAVE materials when you clear out your studios

Re-use don't dump it

You can help us SAVE materials which you don’t need any more.

- Before starting the project consider the lifecycle of the materials you’ll use. Can they be broken down later and reused or recycled? – Research different approaches, test out materials, and whatever you end up using know you have considered all the options – When you’ve finished with the work, find a space to hold a mini-Rummage, and offer your used materials to other students – Ask staff to store other unused material within the studio for the next students who’ll need them – Contact GSA Sustainability to collect items if there’s no room – Find out how to pass on material – we have partners we can contact to uplift bulk, useful stuff like wood and metals – Check recycling at the GSA, we can separate out and recycle a wide range of materials – Take responsibility for your materials