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Living a sustainable life is about more than saving energy or buying less. Study and work can often be stressful, and the GSA has a range of help available from Student Support.

The NHS offers some great advice on keeping bad-stress levels lower and enjoying life – and your studies or work – more.

GSA students can attend the University of Glasgow’s Chaplaincy service

...and if you have to sit a lot at work or practice, find ways not to.

You may find the changes in our World overwhelming. But you don’t need to fix everything – we’re here to help show you how positive changes in your practice can help change the World, one step at a time.

Chilling out – try Garnethill Park just by our Haldane building, or there’s a brilliant secret garden at GCU, just left of the main gate by the Transport Police building, a short walk from the GSA.

Try eating differently at breakfast and lunchtime to give yourself more energy.

We’d like to see a quiet room on campus. If you’re interested in supporting this idea, let us know

Sport is a great way to detox. There are plenty of clubs to choose from at GSA Sport or they’ll help you start your own club.

Meditation is a great way of centreing and calming your mind, try the Kadampa Meditation Centre, or learn about Mindfulness

Best of all? Get outdoors, or bring some outdoors in with plants. A weekend camping will reset your body clock, and a pot plant in your office will refresh your air and look nice too.


Yoga is proven to help reduce stress and anxiety, and GSA Yoga runs regular classes throughout the year for everyone. There’s plenty of other sports on too.

Yoga is proven to help reduce stress and anxiety, and GSA Yoga runs regular classes throughout the year for everyone.

GSA Yoga welcomes students for all levels of yoga; from beginners to expert yogis!

Yoga opens and awakens you. It’ll give you flexibility, stamina and peace of mind. If you dedicate yourself to yoga you’ll feel a change upon you which can be quite liberating and revealing to yourself as a person. Some feel, just after one session, a flicker to a prominent uplifting change.

As students we are subjected to stress and vulnerability, therefore yoga would be extremely beneficial for our well-being. It is vital for us to care for our body, mind and soul. We should dedicate an hour a day to ourselves and GSA Yoga aims to encourage this alongside your university life! Therefore I think it’ll be a great idea for us to take 1 hour/ 1 hour and 30 mins out of our studio time to relax and do yoga at least weekly for now!

GSA Yoga can be used as a platform to organise set classes on campus by hiring professional teachers, student lead yoga sessions and have yoga related discussions.
If you have any suggestions or changes please do let us know!!

We currently have 4 classes a week, which are all £2 on a drop in basis. Keep an eye on our wall for more details.

Any questions? Contact Ellie