Unseeable Trace

Yukako Tanaka MLitt Curatorial Practice

Unseeable Trace is a group exhibition bringing together works by Sean Patrick Campbell (SCO), Claire Curtin (UK) and Jose Carlos Rivera (ESP) curated by Yukako Tanaka (JPN). Walking in the landscape, each of the artists have developed a practice which reflects and makes visible current socio-political issues.Through these artworks, the exhibition exposes a landscape dominated by human activity; revealing not only environmental, but also intangible elements such as mythology, radioactivity, borders and competition.

Sean Patrick Campbell’s photographs taken at the first nuclear bomb test site in New Mexico, USA evocatively express a post-apocalyptic atmosphere, while Claire Curtin’s practice using walking-as-art/protest in the context of nuclear disarmament at Coulport and Faslane addresses this on-going phenomena in Scotland. Whilst Jose Carlos Rivera’s performative drawings criticise what might be considered the root cause of those issues; our competitive mindset brought about by capitalism.

A collaborative publication by artists and curator accompanies the project, developed through a one-day residency at Cove Park – together walking to discuss broader context of nuclear and landscape, also examine the methodology of walking as artistic research.

Yukako Tanaka
MLitt Curatorial Practice