Vision; Objectives; Action; Outcomes

Our strategy and actions are overseen by the Sustainability in Action Working Group (SiAG), a GSA working group.

One Vision

That the GSA community is fully committed to sustainable values

One Aim

To reduce the environmental, social and ethical impacts of the GSA, within its operations and practice

Two Objectives, by 2020 to:

To more efficiently manage our Estate;

Have full awareness of sustainability values and issues across the curriculum.

Key Areas for Action

You can read the latest Sustainability Coordinator’s report, which details recent activity and future priorities.

Curriculum: implanting sustainability values
Well-being: supporting students and staff mental and physical fitness
Estate Redevelopment: Remaking an efficient Estate
Energy & Water: making our space heating, lighting and IT more efficient
Food & Biodiversity: Eating more veggies, more ethical food, community green space
Halls: introducing our students to our values
Material Resources: Better procurement, re-use, and the circular economy
Active Travel: Cycling, walking and lessening our other impacts
Ethical: research ethics, intellectual ethics, ethical investment
Widening participation: through our School and geographical, academics and environmental communities
Monitoring & Transparency: reporting, openly

Four Outcomes

Lower GSA carbon footprint and social & ethical costs
Enhanced student experience and prospects within sustainability values
Emotionally connected community supporting each other
Enhanced freedom to create, disrupt and awaken to sustainable, value-led practice and research