10 Sep

16 Sep

A Green Welcome to the GSA

Upcoming Freshers Week events

To everyone coming to study at the Glasgow School of Art for the first time, welcome. Freshers Week will be amazing, and we’ll be there to help you discover the GSA’s greenest activities and events.

We’ll be working with the student association, student groups and our very own Radial Project to introduce you to all the possibilities here that will make your GSA experience even more speical.

We’re interested in environmental, ethical and social issues and your interest in them – personally or as part of your practice. Students lead the way, and often start their own groups, in areas as diverse as bee keeping, knitting, food surplus, and crafting to name a few. As a busy, sometimes stressful place, we also promote activities like yoga cycling and other sports.

We hold regular film screenings, often chosen by students and linking to their chosen area of study and sustainability issues.

The Sustainability in Action Group (SiAG) coordinates sustainability activity at the GSA, and is run by and for students and staff here. It provides support to help set up new groups, but also advice on wellbeing, how to be greener in halls, bicycle purchasing, maintening and training, and how to eat better.

Of course, you’re here to study, and we have funding, awards and crucially 1-2-1 and project support for any student interested in exploring the social, ethical or environmental issues within their practice.

We’ll be in Halls on day 1 – Saturday 10 September – at the Freshers Fayre and at inductions throughout Freshers Week. Look forward to seeing you then.