02 Feb

Apathetic or anxious about climate change?

The psychology behind it, and what Creatives can do to help

“Are people apathetic to the dangers of climate change? Why do they not engage more? Is there more we can do to encourage everyone to engage more, and to take meaningful action?”

The EAUC Scotland’s Community Engagement Topic Support Network will explore these kind of questions in a session on Eco-Social Approach and how it can be used at Further and Higher Education Institutions to address climate change. The session will also include a plenary discussion as well as a workshop on how the Eco-Social Approach can be practically applied at Colleges and Universities.

The TSN will also cover the ‘In the Loop’ board game, which is an unique engagement tool for educating individuals about the circular economy.

Open to all GSA staff and students.

Book here. If you haven’t registered as a GSA EAUC member before, email John first.

Pic credit: Isaac Cordal “Politicians Debating Global Warming”