24 Nov

28 Nov
Glasgow School of Art

Art School I/O + RADIAL present: Electro Harvest + Hack

A harvesting of materials and components

Organisers and participants will bring together a collection of otherwise unusable products, devices, objects for harvesting. Together we will discuss the reasons for why the objects have come to this point in their life, and (democratically?) decide what future they should have: eg. as landfill, to be repaired, to be sent into the industrial recycling systems, or to be broken down by us for re-use locally.

Those that are chosen to be broken down locally, will be harvested by the group for useful parts – this we will do together, with the help of some technically minded folk (possibly from artschool I/O) who can give some insight into the technical workings of the object, and what parts can potentially be useful in that respect.

The result will be boxes of parts that can be used for a sister hack event the same week and by GSA members for future projects. (RADIAL have offered some storage space in the Haldane building).

Part 1 Harvest: Tuesday 24th November 5-7 Haldane Building Level 2 Projector Space
Part 2 Hack: Saturday 28th November 12-7 The Art School Project Space 2

Tickets available via Eventbrite link.