07 Oct
Assembly Hall, The Art School, 20 Scott Street

Creative Sustainability Lab: Recycle Hack

Hacking is a great way to collaboratively solve a problem

The Recycle Hack will provide a platform to visualise and collaborate on producing solutions to our waste consumption problem. Ultimately, we want to end up with a number of practical yet creative, real-life solutions, which with your assistance, we can catalyse.

Nurturing a safe but disruptive platform we invite students from across Glasgow’s creative student community to attend the Hack, where we hope to creatively, collaboratively and practically tackle issues in an informal environment.

Hacking is a great way of organically and collaboratively tackling problems, creating interventions, which help dissipate an issue. Small teams can tackle tough problems in a supportive community of peers and mentors. In bringing together a mix of participants with a mix of skills we hope to solve existing problems in new ways.