04 Oct
GSASA, 20 Scott Street

LARAAJI presents The Peace Garden


Yoga and deep listening. Two sessions on 4 October 2pm and 5pm.

Legendary ambient musician and meditation practitioner LARAAJI presents The Peace Garden. Connect with your inner Peace Garden in an integrated workshop/performance environment that combines yoga exercises and deep listening. Assisted by Arji Oceandanda, allow LARAAJI to guide you on a journey of call-response chanting, exploratory language, gentle stretching and laughter breathing postures towards the sound meditation posture known as Savasana. The session culminates with an extended immersive music performance, where electronic zither, mbire, gong, chimes and vocals combine to transport you on an inner journey to places of deep release, rest and harmonisation.

Open to participants of all abilities; previous yoga experience is not required. Book here Presented by The Art School, more here