06 Feb

09 Feb
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Project Blackout

That's a lot of wasted energy and we want to do something about it!

There’s a lot of energy wasted at the GSA and we want to do something about it!

Take a second to think about all the equipment that is left on over a given weekend. Think of the hundreds of computers, numerous printers, and thousands of light bulbs which are left on unnecessarily…

This Friday GSA Sustainability will be hosting Project Blackout – an event we hope will help raise awareness of the amount of energy which could be saved every weekend at the GSA. By switching everything* off across campus we can make savings and determine just how much carbon and money could be saved each year.

From 7pm on Friday night, alongside a staff coordinator, volunteer student teams will move around campus building by building, switching everything* off. In doing this we hope to be able to compare the energy data from this weekend to the same weekend of last year and show a big reduction in energy consumption. As we will be unable to get into locked offices please make an effort to switch all computers, printers, radiators and personal items off so we can make the biggest impact we can.

*everything = all equipment that we have access to which has unnecessarily been left on. Staff and students will have the option to keep equipment on by printing out a ‘Please Do Not Switch Off’ sign which can be found here.

And a massive thank you to to everyone already switching off – keep up the good work!

Image: National Geographic (http://www.survivetheblackout.com)