10 Sep
Assembly Hall, GSA Students Association

Rummage: Freshers Free Shop Edition 2016

Calling all Freshers!

On arrivals day (Saturday 10th Sept) we’ll be hosting our annual Rummage: Freshers Free Shop Edition so come down and get acquainted with your Union and pick up some freebies. We are warning you though – there will be a queue so get there early to get the best pick!

The concept is simple – at the end of term we collect things students who are leaving don’t want anymore and in the new term give them out to new incoming students ie you guys!

From pots, pans and plates to toiletries, art supplies and electricals we have (literally) tonnes of stuff to give away. Our aim is to raise awareness of the amount of stuff going to landfill and ultimately prevent it from happening. You get some great new stuff for your flat while simultaneously reducing your environmental impact – score!

This year we will be asking for a food bank donation (either unopened food or money).

If this kind of thing is right up your street and you want to be involved in running Rummage we’d love to hear from you, just sign up via our website: https://radialproject.wordpress.com/volunteering/