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Reid Lecture Theatre, Reid Building

Create + Sustain Film + Talk Series

Films to engage, nurture and inspire

Create + Sustain is here for your inspiration and exploration.

It is now, more than ever, a crucial time for artists designers and architects to ask themselves; what is the social and environmental impact of the work we create? With a myriad of sources and inspiration to draw from it can be a perplexing journey: one where developing an understanding of sustainable practice is equally confusing.

Create + Sustain hopes to support creative practitioners in their adventure by inviting creative professionals and screening inspirational films to ask these questions. By illuminating these responses to the edge between creativity and sustainability we hope to nurture ecological consciousness and mindful making.

We’ll be screening a varied selection of films from the small scale project to epic observations of society at large. These are powerful, rarely screened films that will change your whole perspective on life – we don’t mince our words here!

We also have inspiring people giving talks and holding Q+A sessions afterwards so you can hear directly from those with the most urgent stories to tell.

Previous speakers have included Satish Kumar, Ellie Harrison and Alastair McIntosh.

.Term 2.

Wednesday 27th January – FILM: Just Eat It // 7pm // Reid Lecture Theatre

Throw Away Gourmet Meeting from 5.30pm

Monday 8th Feb – FILM: Koyaanisqatsi // 6pm // Reid Lecture Theatre

In collaboration with Glasgow Goes Green

Friday 26th February – FILM: Blood in the Mobile TALK: Gemma Lord // The Reid Lecture Theatre // 6pm

In collaboration with Product Design Year 3

From mines to market, our products leave traces that span the globe. During this discussion we will explore the anonymity enabled by globalisation and the atomisation of production, in doing so considering how we occupy conflicting roles as both consumers and citizens. Beginning by watching the film Blood in the Mobile we will question how, as emerging designers, we might seek to navigate these systems of production in the future.

Guest Speaker: Gemma Lord

Gemma explores how design might be used as a medium to question the social, cultural and political facets of emerging movements, technologies and phenomena. Having recently graduated from the Master of European Design programme at GSA, Gemma is a member of Normally, a London based design studio.

Monday 29th Feb – Manufactured Landscapes // 6pm // Reid Lecture Theatre

Monday 14th March – TALK & DEBATE: Professor Vicky Gunn // Barnes Lecture Theatre // 5.30pm

Can Art and Design Students Change the World’s Engagement with Sustainability? The Possibility of Prophetic Nomads

This short talk will argue that pessimism about Art and Design’s capacity to improve the global environmental crises needs to be robustly refuted. Drawing on a conceptualisation of the Artist and Designer as ‘prophetic nomad’, it suggests that the context of learning at Art School enables a range of personal characteristics to be amplified. These characteristics align with the literacies associated with environmental sustainability.

Thursday 24th March – FILM: Fossil Free // Bourdon Lecture Theatre // 6.30pm

Before going off for Spring Holiday, come to GSA and join us for Fossil Free movie screening and discussion. The evening is organised by Fossil Free Strathclyde collective and Sustainability at GSA members, that just started a campaign calling Strathclyde Pension Fund to divest its current £752 million worth of investment into fossil fuel industries.

Movie, which will be a great introduction to a worldwide Fossil Free movement, will be followed by informal presentation and discussion on current social and climate change issues that are driven by huge coal, gas and oil corporations.

This will be the best time to hear more about our campaign, meet our lovely team and get involved: many fun actions and times ahead!

Hope to see you there and don’t forget to bring popcorn,

Fossil Free Strathclyde Campaigners

or the latest line-up visit Radial’s Create and Sustain page

(Zheng Li, 2014)