03 Dec
The Art School 

Create & Sustain: Jonathan Baxter

A+E Workshop

Jonathan Baxter is an artist and … He works across disciplines – both art and non-art related – using psychoanalytic methodologies and performative practices to variously open up, challenge and propose what is. Baxter’s work is informed by a prior commitment to social, environmental and economic justice.

Accident and Emergency

This workshop introduces the A+E concept, explores Baxter’s understanding of what constitutes an emergency (framed in the context of GSA’s sustainability programme), demonstrates how this concept can be used to rupture art discourse-practice, and works with a group of passionate students to name their own emergency in life and art.

The outcome of the workshop will depend on the group’s desire. But whatever the material outcome each participant will come away with a clearer sense of their own position vis-à-vis the relevance of sustainability for all life-art practices.

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