09 May
Blythswood Sq building, GSA offices, large meeting room

Declaring a Climate Emergency

Sustainability in Action Group meeting

We’ll be asking some questions, and working out how GSA can take positive action on campus and within the curriculum on these critical issues facing humanity.

- What do we know about what’s happening to the planet? – How do we feel about this, what are our emotional connections? – What does it mean for the planet, humanity, Scotland, the GSA and you? – What should a declaration of a climate emergency look like, what should it ask for?

190 cultural organisations have already declared an emergency, including Bristol University.

As a creative teaching and research institution our role is a positive one: we need to transform our culture and economy, transforming how we design, and design buildings. As a society we lack emotional connection to the coming human catastrophe, creative people can connect us emotionally to these issues, enabling us all to take action.

All staff and students welcome Book here

The meeting will start with a veggie lunch with gluten-free and vegan options, please let me know if you require any other food options.

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