03 Nov
Barnes lecture Theatre

Ecologies of mind, society and environment.

Lorena Lozano

A talk by Lorena Lozano an artist and researcher, PhD from University of Oviedo, (Spain, 2017), graduated in Fine Art (Glasgow School of Art, Scotland, 2007) and Biological Sciences (University of Oviedo, 1998).

Alumni welcome, but please contact Sue Brind, organiser, S.Brind@gsa.ac.uk and come to Reid building reception to pick up a visitor badge.

She has collaborated in Barcelona with Lexia University, the artists teams Sitesize and Idensitat (2008-2010) and The Hidden Gardens (n.v.a. organization, Tramway, Glasgow, 2001-2007).

Since 2012 she is director at the organization ‘Econodos. Ecology & communication’ and collaborates in interdisciplinary artistic research projects with organizations such as Fundación Cerezales Antonino y Cinia, University of Oviedo and Laboral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial.

Her study explores the relationships between human beings and their surroundings through the ecologies of mind, society and environment. By means of research and artistic practice, she develops interdisciplinary projects that explore the intersections of art and science. Her proposals seek to reinstate the social nature of knowledge as something that is constructed collaboratively and generated from each specific context. Her talk will presents the foundations of her practice through different projects such as ‘ecoLAB. Experimental laboratory on art, ecology and new media’, ‘Herbarium. Perspectives on culture and nature’, ‘Infinite dance. An homage to Henrietta Lacks’ and ‘Social dialogue. Poliphony of the world of industry’.

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