23 Jan
Assembly Room, GSA Students' Association, 20 Scott Street

Creative Sustainability Lab: Energy Hack

Solving the energy consumption problem together

We invite you to come hack with us GSA style.

The issue we will be hacking is energy consumption at the GSA. We are wasting hundreds if not thousands of pounds on energy every year, with heat escaping through leaky windows and doors and lights and equipment being left on unnecessarily for hours on end. We need your ideas and input to begin changing this!

Hacking is a great way of organically and collaboratively tackling problems and creating interventions, which help dissipate an issue. Small teams can tackle tough problems in a supportive community of peers and mentors.

The GSA Sustainability team are running this event in collaboration with Snook, a service design agency based in Glasgow founded by GSA graduates. For more information and tickets see the link to the right.

Image from Visual Paradox.