01 Mar

31 Mar

Love to Ride

Events, competitions and get cycling!

Added events:
Thursday 9 March 11-3: Dr Bike, Tontine Yard
Friday 24 March 11-3: Dr Bike, Assembly Building
For other events see Uni-Cycle’s Facebook page

There’s a University / College cycling challenge running in Glasgow throughout all of March, involving eight of the Universities and Colleges.

It’s completely free for all staff and students and is being run by Love to Ride in collaboration with Glasgow Bike Station as part of their “Uni-Cycle” project. The aim is simple – get people cycling. It’s a fun, sociable competition for individuals and teams to take part in – no lycra required!

I’ve already added the GSA to the site, so all you need to do is register, join GSA’s page and then simply cycle once for ten minutes in March to be in for winning some very cool prizes (including a free bike!). You can also join or create teams for your department, your halls of residence, one of your societies, a research group or any other group you can think to add that extra element of competition!

Throughout the month there will be spot prizes for individuals and prizes for the teams with the most points at the end of the month. If you’re not already a regular cyclist, then you’ll have four times as many entries in the spot-prize draw! And by logging more journeys you increase your chances of winning.

Questions? Contact Barry or see Facebook & Twitter