01 Mar
Reid Lecture Theatre

Underkastelsen: Chemicals and You

Life, work, your health and chemicals

Underkastelsen/ Submission: description
Scottish Ecological Design Association (SEDA), Mackintosh Environmental Architecture Research Unit (MEARU) + Sustainability in Action Group (SiAG) at Glasgow School of Art invite you to a free screening of the Swedish documentary Underkastelsen (Submission) directed by Stefan Jarl.
The screening will be followed by a panel discussion and SEDA Green Drinks.

Since 1945, the amount of chemicals manufactured has increased from 1 million to 500 million tonnes per year. Chemicals are used on a daily basis and are in a vast number of everyday products. These chemicals have infiltrated our air, water, soil – even our blood.
This disquieting film aims to expose the “ticking time bomb” of the manufactured chemical industry, interviewing experts and exposing the truth behind increased cancer rates, hormone disrupters and the chemical cocktail effect. (text courtesy of Whicker’s World Foundation)

Unlike other documentaries that focus on chemicals in our food, Underkastelsen (Submission) investigates the problems caused by chemicals such as softeners (phthalates), flame retardants (PBDE) and surfactants (PFOS, PFOA) and the effect these chemicals have on us, the world surrounding us and the health consequences for us and our unborn children.
This is a must-see film for everybody to understand what chemicals are around us, particularly in our homes and workplaces.

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