30 Jun 2015

Karen Westland. Winner, GSA's Sustainability in Action Group Degree Show Prize 2015

Working with traditional techniques and new technologies, Karen Westland creates refined silverware and jewellery using 100% recycled precious metals and other responsibly sourced materials.

She is inspired by ‘tools’ built in order to explore outer space and how the invisible is revealed through these tools. The relationship we have with the universe, questions of time and our existence are also underlying subjects of her work.

Employing a considered selection of materials, 3D printed and handmade components, Karen’s designs include elements of distortion, illusion and changing perspectives, executed with a high level of precision. Her recent work explores shared objects which encourage those who interact with them to initiate discussions about their world views.

Karen, “I don’t believe quality should be compromised to make a responsibly produced product – instead I see it as an opportunity for innovative design. I hope my work will encourage other metalsmiths and consumers to consider the origins of the materials and the processes which they undergo.“

Photography: Graham Clark