04 Sep 2014

From the Sustainability Co-ordinator

John's blog

I can no longer claim to be the ‘new’ Sustainability Coordinator at the GSA, but a year and a half still seems to be a very short time here compared to some! The long length of time people stay working at the GSA is a great sign, that this is a creative, disruptive, safe, challenging and rewarding place to work and study. We offer World-class teaching and produce significant research. Sustainability isn’t a new concept here – for example students have been re-using materials and our Estates department have been working on making our campus better and more efficient for years, but we’re now able to have a closer look at the why, how, when and who of what we do. How we involve our GSA community, stimulate new ways of thinking, producing, building and creating has an effect not only on staff and students’ current lives, but is something they can take with them to future places and careers. Future architects, designers and artists will have the power to communicate environmental messages and ideas, change how people think and influence the future behaviour of everyone from individuals to corporations. It’s why I do, and love, my job, and why I’d like you to be part of the journey.