GSA Societies

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There’s a lot happening out there, and at GSA student-led societies and groups are tackling the big issues. If there’s not a group to suit you, you can start your own.

GSA Queer Society: Glasgow School of Art’s Queer Society – a LGBTQIA+ community space for activism, discussion and art.

People of Colour Collective: A safer, healing and constructive space for people of colour.

Intersectional Feminist Society:
Who are GSA feminism society?
We are still in the early stages of the feminism soc. you! are! important!
We are a developing society-without a president-for the self education and for the sharing of thoughts, experiences and resources.
We are not just a space exclusively for feminist theory and action but also for those who feel under represented, discriminated against and silenced. We aim to provide an inviting and non-judgemental space, a space that gives everyone the opportunity to speak and the position to be heard. We all have our own voices. Feel free to exercise yours with us.* *hate speech is not tolerated and will never be welcome.

Race, Rights and Sovereignty: Established as a partnership between the The Art School: GSA’s Students’ Association (GSASA) and GSA Exhibitions. The programme has been developed in order to create opportunities, and forums, to engage with and unpack ideas and issues related to race, rights & sovereignty; particularly in the contexts of creative practice. The series aims to celebrate, challenge, inform and inspire the next generation of artists, designers and architects, empowering them to have a creative voice.

GSA Human Rights Society: In response to the recent social unrest and turmoils around the world, this group is set up with the aims to create a jointed, consistent output from all the talents across the GSA departments to stand up against human rights violations, systematic racism, inequalities and other crimes against humanity. Join us and we shall fight!

Beekeepers of the GSA (BKGSA): We are a group of art and design students. The aim of the page is to share information about bees, and the evolution of our 3 new beehives.

GSA Yoga: GSA Yoga welcomes students for all levels of yoga; from beginners to expert yogis!

GSA Student Action for Refugees: Glasgow School of Art’s Student Action for Refugees is new a student organisation for volunteering, campaigning and fundraising for refugees and people seeking asylum in the UK. Keep an eye on our page for events and opportunities to get involved.

Responsive Art and Design Society (Re-AD): Our aim as a society at The Glasgow School of Art is to spark discussion around important environmental and social issues by hosting events such as lectures, workshops, film screenings and social events.

Missing in Architecture: M.i.A is a community of enquirers who want to promote creativity and action within the profession, to fill in the gaps in architecture.

GSA Halls: Support from GSA’s student ResLife team on living and feeling better in GSA Halls

GSA Cycling Club: If interested in bikes and any sorts of biking be it BMX / Trials / Down Hill / Dirt Jump / Tracks / Unicycles etc.. or just need an advice on how to fix your own bike.

GSA Sport: run a host of different activities.

GSA Students’ Association: charitable organisation atop Garnethill representing the students at the Glasgow School of Art. Supports and funds GSA’s student societies.

Sustainability In Action Group: The official working group of the GSA on matters of environmental and social justice. Contact the Sustainability Coordinator John Thorne for more details, or have a look around this website.

GSA Climate Society: A new society promoting ethical investment and action on climate change. Contact the Sustainability Coordinator for more details.