Eat & Grow



All things food come under the GSA Grow umbrella. Getting involved can mean anything from shopping more locally, eating less meat, growing your own food, encouraging Fair Trade or recycling your waste food.

Students are gathering food that would be thrown away and doing great things with it, ThrowAwayGourmet

We’d like to make the GSA a Fair Trade University We need student help to do this and your voice can make a difference. Contact us to get involved with the Fair Trade group.

Growing feed for animals and tending them causes a massive amount of greenhouse gases. Going Vegan is a healthy alternative. If that’s a step too far too fast, you can cut down on meat by substituting in recipes and look at non-dairy alternatives.

Eating less meat is important, and a step everyone can take for better health and lowering their environmental impact. A vegetarian or vegan diet means less water and energy is used to grow your food, and of course no feed to grow to feed the cows, sheep and pigs. By cutting back on meat we can all make a positive difference. Our catering outlets support this move, ask them about more meat-free options.

Our catering outlet WTMS now uses Vegware for takeaway food, which is compostable – but if you’re eating in, help reduce waste and use ceramic plates. They also use ethically sourced coffee from local supplier Dear Green Coffee Roasters

We don’t just want to eat food, we want to grow it too, and you can get involved with our community garden. Just by the Margaret MacDonald Halls of Residence, the garden will be developed by local people and GSA students and staff.

If you have any food left over after all this, please recycle it, using the food bins in the Ref, or the caddies in Halls and around the GSA.

Eating well – and regular exercise – means you get better academic results, and get sick less often too.

Community Gardening

There’s an active community gardening group in Garnethill. Conact FROGGS for more info on activities.

Great Places to Shop

Avoid supermarkets for meat and veg, it’s a lot cheaper and better elsewhere. Supermarkets can have bargains around 7pm as expiring food – still fine to eat – is marked down.

Fresh Fish – local fishmongers like The Fish People, or Morrison’s have a good selection.

Free-range Chicken – Aldi

Delis like Lupe Pintos stock great Italian, Spanish and other World food

Real Foods in Edinburgh stocks bulk flours and cereals like oats

The Project Cafe just down Renfrew Street from the GSA has great veg, or search out ethnic food stores, these are often a great place for cheap veg.