Glasgow Zero Waste Map

Zero Waste Living

This is a map about curiosity.
It has been designed for you to explore alternative choices and to help you live a zero waste lifestyle in Glasgow.

It is not a literal map, there are clear clusters of activity which offer rich areas to explore, and we hope the iconic landmarks of Glasgow will guide you to discover something new. Look out for the gems which we have selected as good examples of sustainability initiatives.

There are 5 categories to explore:
Second hand / Food / Repair / Services + Equipment / Get involved

The Glasgow Zero Waste Map Collective is formed of students and staff who are connected through a shared need and desire to live more sustainably.
This map is the beginning of an ever growing selection of services, shops and organisations which inspire us.

We are Nuala Abramson, Fredrik Frendin, Jennifer Fraser Harris, Joe Mackechnie and Eilidh Sinclair. We invite you to join us to continue developing the map.