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Eat More Veg

Eat a little less meat

Eating meat impacts on the environment, from growing or farming animal feed to the water that’s used to grow feed crops and raise animals – not to mention cow methane farts. You’ll be healthier, avoid supporting the often inhumane practices around industrial-scale meat production, and you can do it on a budget

Being a vegetarian or vegan is ideal, but anyone can help by eating a little less meat. We’re working with our food outlets, WTMS and the Vic Bar, to make veg options clearer and more of them.

What can you do?

- choose the vegetarian option – question where your meat comes from, especially where the origin is hidden, in cafes and restaurants – eat less, but better quality meat – tackle restaurants and food outlets to offer more non-meat options – check out the Veg Society and the Vegans for info and recipes – get involved here at the GSA in promoting better food

More on meat in our diet and the effects on the environment are available at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations