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Carbon costing our practice


Running from October 2014 to February 2015, reSOURCE sought applications from 10 students at the Glasgow School of Art and 5 artists/designers/architects from Glasgow’s greater creative community. reSOURCE was facilitated by members of the GSA Sustainability team and was a process that assisted participants to develop an understanding of the environmental impact of their work.

Throughout the process we hoped to stimulate and inspire creative practitioners to become conscious of the carbon footprint associated with, in particular, materials choices. Practitioners were invited to submit a current or future project which could go through the reSOURCE process. This process involved; the development and use of a materials specific carbon calculator, the documentation of materials used, reSOURCE discussion groups and, a final exhibition of the project which was held alongside Counting Consciousness.

Participants received at stipend of £100 for the four month project. In order to receive this funding participants were asked to submit monthly log tables and carbon calculations, attend the monthly meetings and to contribute their work with carbon documentation to the final exhibition held in March 2015.

Main benefits outlined:
•Mentorship from the reSOURCE community and peers,
•Support from ARC,
•The opportunity to learn about carbon impact of materials,
•A two week group exhibition advertised and facilitated by ARC,
•Featured on the GSA Sustainability website,
•£100 stipend,
•Contributing to the development of a creative’s specific carbon calculator.

See the Resource application form we used here

Further details:

Participants were not required to make work specifically for the project, however, they were welcome to, if they so wished. Over the course of four months participants of reSOURCE were asked to document their material use (or proposed material choices for speculative art/design work) with the reSOURCE log table and carbon calculators, in which full training was given. This process can be applied to any project a practitioner is working on and, it is hoped that the use of these tools have enabled conscious decision making.

A reSOURCE discussion group was scheduled each month to assist participants, encouraging those involved to discuss ideas and share personal carbon journeys.
The project culminated in an exhibition at Fleming House held in March 2015 which illuminated the work participants made and sat alongside a carbon cost of their artworks. This exhibition will also hosted a knowledge exchange.

Participants also received access to the Glasgow School of Art’s waste and re-use system WARPit to help them make work using re-claimed materials.

reSOURCE is currently in being evaluated and refined and will run again.