The Psychology of Climate Change

How creative people can help

Climate Psychology is how individuals and society react to climate change. It’s a mostly negative reaction, but through the study of how society behaves on a psychological basis, the ‘psycho-social’ approach, we can learn why people react the way they do, and how we can communicate better with individuals.

Creative people have a particular role to play in helping people better interpret what is happening through their art, design and building. You can read a personal viewpoint of the Sustainability Coordinator on how creative people will help solve engagement issues and help us take action as a society.

On 21 April 2018, CPA-Scotland held their inaugural conference here at the GSA. Read the conference report, download the post-it notes from the day, and presentations from Prof. Paul Hoggett and Dr Ro Randall. More on Dr Julian Manley and his social dreaming approach here. Co-Chair and plenary session Chair Dr Catherine Happer is a sociologist with a particular interest in media, communications and society.

There’s more on the Climate Psychology Alliance Scotland Facebook page. You can join the CPA for £24, or visit their UK webpage.

We hold regular meetings in Edinburgh and Glasgow, members attend for free with others paying £1. Meetings are open to anyone of any discipline interested in engaging with climate change.

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