Go Greener

Planning Your Trip

Getting to the GSA is easy and cheap via public transport. SPT provides a comprehensive network of subways and buses, and a great travel planner on their website and well as an app.

Glasgow is compact, and we love the architecture and the banter as we walk or cycle the streets. There’s a council travel guide here

Cyclists can use CycleStreet’s journey planner. We have route maps to help you commute and to plan days out. Loch Lomond, Troon, Falkirk and many more great rides are on your doorstep. Visit Go Bike for more on what’s happening in and around Glasgow, or Glasgow Council’s cycling pages for ideas and a city map.

Instead of local taxis, GSA staff can use the Enterprise car share scheme, go to the Enterprise Car Club website to register.

For more regular commutes, GSA staff can car-share using a private GSA Staff only Facebook Group

It’s obvious, but sometimes walking is the easiest way to get around

Whenever I see an adult on a bicycle, I have hope for the human race – HG Wells

What better way of getting around cheaply and easily?

2019 GSA Travel Survey

GSA carried out their travel survey in 2019 and you can read the results here.

Belles on Bikes & Other Groups

Belles on Bikes is a group of women-only cyclists with regular ride-outs. The GSA Cycling Club can cater for all cycling tastes, or you can organise your own ride and we’ll help promote it.

Getting a Cheap Bike

Buy a bike at the Bike for Good, Barrowlands Market, or there’s several bike shops local to GSA, including Dales and Billy Bilsland Gear Bikes Philip Lang

Do you work for the GSA and want a cheap bike courtesy of the taxman? You can get a tax-free bike and have the cost taken off your salary over the course of a year. GSA have partnered with Cyclescheme to enable employees to get a bicycle and equipment up to a limit of £1,000 tax free, which will save you up to 32% of the cost (based on a £30k salary). Your first step is to get a quote from your local bike shop and then you can request your certificate from the website. There’s a wide variety of cycle shops to choose from, just follow the steps on the Cyclescheme website.

Want to hire a bike or just try cycling out? Visit South West Community Cycles, located next to Pollokshaws Railway Station, direct train from Central.

Donating a Bike

Leaving Glasgow and can’t take your bike with you? Please consider donating it A great local charity is another option, Bike for Refugees They accept bikes in good condition.


Advice is available online for safer road use, and check out this advice for new commuter cyclists. We also supply training on-demand for groups of students or staff. Training can help you be – and feel – safer and more confident on the road. Contact John

Maintaining Your Wheels

We have a bicycle repair kit at main reception in the Reid building. It’s free to use and available at any time.

We hold regular Dr Bike and ‘Fix your own’ sessions at the GSA, check out our events pages for more.

Looking for a deal on cycle repair? The Bike for Good offers workshops, equipment and qualified mechanics to help you maintain your bike. They also supply cheap refurbished bikes.

Bike Bunker is on Bothwell Street near Central Station and others servicing and repairs.

Looking out for Your Bike

GSA has cycle racks outside the library building, under the Bourdon Bridge, outside the JD Kelly, Margaret MacDonald Halls of residence (yard and laundry areas), by the Haldane building, and we’re planning more around the campus. A campus map and directory are available at the GSA website You can also read our Green Travel Plan

There’s some good advice on bike security from writer Keith Higgins. Get the best lock you can afford like a Kryptonite lock – if the bike is stolen whilst locked it’s insured. Double lock your bike front and back, using a D-lock as well as a strong cable lock. Register your bike using a scheme like BikeRegister so if it gets lost it can be returned to you (we have kits or the police attending at Dr Bike sessions to do this for you). Replace quick-release wheel and saddle bolts, and maybe customise or re-paint your bike to make it more attractive to you and less attractive to thieves. It also gives you a unique bike! Take some photos of your bike, note the serial number, use a UV pen to mark your bike, and insure it – some home content policies cover bikes. It all helps if it goes missing. If you’re unlucky enough to have your bike stolen, or part of it, please report it, ask Health & Safety for an incident report form, as well as informing the police.

Abandoned Bikes

If you see a bike that’s obviously been abandoned, please contact us and we’ll arrange for a charity to remove it and re-use it.

Electrical Vehicle Charging at GSA Halls

If you’re staying in Halls, either as a student or one of our guests, you can now recharge your electric car for free.

Funding from Zero Carbon World has enabled us to install an electric recharge point at the Margaret McDonald House halls of residence.

To recharge your car, you’ll need the new EU standard Type 2 plug

Further EV charging is available in the city

For more details please contact Fiona Sloan, Halls Manager. Sorry, at present the charge point isn’t available to the public or staff and other students.

Wish List

Pool bicycles for staff and students…electric work van…better CCTV on cycle racks….more than one shower on campus…more secure cycle parking…repair tools for bikes….Any other ideas? Or help us campaign for these and your ideas.

Something to Say?

Email John for maps or to comment on our information or facilities.