‘A Memory’

Angela Karpouzi, Fashion Design

The collection is titled ‘A Memory’, with childhood memories and adolescence of girls being the main concept. The oversized, slightly awkward silhouettes are inspired by vintage dolls’ clothes and the game of dressing-up. The collection is mostly addressed to young women and it is designed to fit many different body types. The color palette is drawn from pastel and creamy colored sweets a big part of childhood in order to enhance the sweet and girly mood of the whole project. Organic cotton is used for all outfits, much like children’s clothes where higher quality fabrics that are as pure as possible are favoured. Trims such as strips and accessories such as the headbands are made using scrap pieces of fabric left after cutting the garments. All this is an attempt to show that a concept-based collection can in fact also be environmentally friendly, that concept and ethical thinking for the people and for the planet can go together hand in hand in fashion. Statement here

A list of sustainable organic suppliers

Photography: Kuba Parus
Staging: Nikki Foulis, Anna Langowska, Maja Markowiak
Model: Joanne Mearns
Assistant: Zac Wood

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