Fashion Sustainability

Alice McCabe, Communication Design

“With thanks to Sustainability funding I have been able to start hosting “See and Stitch” nights in which I have gathered together different groups of people to watch “The True Cost” documentary followed by a sewing workshop and discussion on the issues brought up in the film.

The workshop entails the act of embroidering onto tote bags (illustrated with the world map) the origin of garments worn by the participants as they have gathered to watch the screening. The act of sewing onto the tote bags provided by GSA sustainability has enabled the concept of “thinking through making” in the discussion groups allowing issues of fast fashion to be thought about in a more personal and physical way.

The workshops are ongoing, both within and beyond the GSA community, this weekend travelling to Norwich to work with a student-led social justice group, though previous groups have included older audiences. Participants of the workshops have said that “their eyes have been opened to issues they never considered to have such an intensely detrimental effect on the environment” and that they “will definitely think differently about their clothing consumption and be more mindful of the hands who made their clothes, how far it has travelled and aim to have a more sustainable wardrobe where possible.” Alice McCabe Yr3 Comm Des

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