Faye Gosling, Sculpture & Environmental Art

Breathing is a performance piece examining the relationship between human/nature and body/sea through movement and sound. It was performed by a choir, who stood at the edge of the water, barefoot at Stevenston Beach. As a wave rolled up the shore, the singers sang one note, as the wave pulled itself back into the sea, the note changed. The effect of this created a meditative and fluid sound, that was projected out to sea. The singers found their own rhythm, dictated by the movement of the waves, and by their own breathing. As they sang, the singers moved in and out of the sea, slowly moving backwards and forwards by the water as they paddled.

Through this movement we form an innate and fluid connection with the sea that surrounds us on this island.

Our chests will rise as we inhale
The tide will rise as it floods
Our chests will fall as we exhale
The tide will fall as it ebbs

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