Cross School Course 2017/8

UN SDGs in Action

The Cross School Course (CSC) brings all of First Year together for a two-week studio-led project underpinned by a reflective journal, supported by a day of lectures.

The project’s title Our Utopia (Glasgow c. 2118) was deliberately chosen to encourage students to undertake research around Glasgow regarding its historical and current uses, and specific to a given site. Working in groups students developed this research into ideas that consider the future of this site in response to Social, Environmental, and Ethical (S.E.E.) concerns.

Students explored what the United Nations 17 Sustainable Goals mean, and how they relate to us locally at the Glasgow School of Art and in the city of Glasgow.

The 325 students worked in cross-discipline groups of 7 or 8, and produced ‘objects’ around the theme and presented them at an exhibition in January 2018. You can view the final film