Tina Gorjanc, and curator Natalie Nicolaides MLitt Curatorial Practice

Harvest was a collaborative project between London-based artist Tina Gorjanc and Glasgow-based curator Natalie Nicolaides. A theoretical project, Harvest is based on the concept by Gorjanc and follows the first steps of Gorjanc’s project as she and Nicolaides speculate the feasibility of using harvested rhinoceros’ cells to bioengineer a fully formed rhino’s horn. Harvest was produced and compiled in such a way that it reflects its title. The aim was to use conversation as a methodology for collecting information and data. Nicolaides’ curatorial role largely focused on initiating and hosting these conversations.

The publication includes entries by Director of the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow, Francis McKee, who is a well rounded connoisseur of art and the history of medicine. Maggie Reilly, the Zoology Curator at the Hunterian Museum based at the University of Glasgow, a supremely wise specialist on animals within museum culture and finally Manuel Salmeron-Sanchez, the Head of the Bioengineering Department at the University of Glasgow, whose practice already sees his team creating bone tissue. These conversations further contextualise Gorjanc’s project as they try to gauge both its feasibility and ethical positioning as well as act a blueprint for the physical project to come.

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