Hu(man) Nature

Curated by Isabelle Thul, MLitt Curatorial Practice

Hu(man) Nature is an ongoing curatorial project through which the curator Isabelle Thul looks to develop an environmentally and ethically responsible approach to exhibition making. Throughout the project, an emphasis is made on finding alternative approaches to ecology that distance themselves from the capitalist and imperialist exploitation of natural resources.

The first two exhibitions that have come from this project were Hu(man) Nature at Glasgow Autonomous Space and Hu(man) Nature II at the Glasgow School of Art Graduate Degree Show. These exhibitions were partially funded by an environmentally friendly fundraising dinner hosted by the curator and called Food for Future as well as through the financial support of GSA Sustainability. Both exhibitions were group shows presenting the works by the artists giacinta frisillo, Hana Wilde and Sukhy Parhar. The works take an intersectional feminist approach to ecology and thereby address our current ecological crisis.

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Picture (detail) by Anais Janze Natera