Indigenous Injustice: The Land is Going up in Flames

Ruby Pluhar, Fine Art Photography

This series was taken across sacred indigenous lands at Angel Peak, New Mexico and Muley Point, Utah in the United States of America.

Whilst collaborating with Dene storyteller Sunny Dooley and fracking activist Daniel Tso I became further informed of the disastrous consequences of oil and gas extraction for indigenous communities, who’s umbilical cord is rooted in to the natural world.

I took their portraits looking over their homelands, which at night becomes an oasis of neon lights revealing hundreds of fracking stations blowing up the grounds for the oil and gas industry. I then took photos of signs spotted in the sky and earth which are metaphorical of their land being blown up and polluted.

The signs found in the landscape are also symbolic of the situation, the microscopic detail I found in the earth signifies the intensity of the macrocosmic destruction of indigenous lands. Yet the communities situation is so ignored it is as obvious as these small details which are easily ignored by those in power.

I share these images with a desire for a sympathetic, compassionate relationship to the world and the importance of a non-exploitative connection to the fragile Earth. More