Kate Seaton, Sculpture and Environmental Art

My practice comes from an interest and passion for exploring the natural world that surrounds us. I am intrigued by how things grow and move to create forms between each other. These hidden lines and forms inspire and motivate me. Inosculation creates a space for narrative, and a setting to stimulate thoughts and reflect. I see human qualities and behaviour reflected in these spaces when I look closely at the detail and form and observe their ability to engulf, alter and takeover spaces.

My work examines how the body inhabits and moves through natural space. I am interested in dissecting and pulling out shapes and forms and in particular plants, trees and other growing elements from spaces we pass through. This is a way of mapping the space to understand and how we relate ourselves to it.

One of the ways I build on my ideas is working within collaborative workshops; both movement workshops to create video and photography research as well as mark making workshops as a means of exploring a space. The workshops I lead allow for appreciation of natural spaces and appreciation of contact and what it means to share space with others. These workshops also act as a platform for discussion and group collaboration. I have lead children and teen outreach programs as well as older group workshops and have become experienced in working collaboratively and with an open mind with no limit to age or ability. I believe everyone should be able to explore and express themselves regardless of their circumstances or age. Access to art and expression for all is of central importance to me and is at the heart of my practice. These workshops allow me to promote this belief, start conversations and form important relationships and connections.

The process of dissecting and mapping, discussion and collaboration allows me to articulate and share experiences of inhabiting our environment. I use the creation of sculptural pieces to represent these forms and experiences. I work with a variety of media including wood, metal and various casting materials. I utilise mixed free hand building, video and photography.

I represent these forms through making large sculptural pieces. I have worked previously with wood and metal, various casting, mixed free hand building and video and photography. I pull out forms created in workshops to form a variety of figurative sculptural art. The nature of the way I work allows visibility of my contact with materials. I let materials determine and direct how they want to be used and experimented with. Spending time exploring the nature of a material creates a relationship between me and the work. This way of working allows for similar meditative, active approach to that of the mapping workshops. Activating spaces, materials and starting conversation is at the core of my work and is the intrinsic motivation to make and learn in my practice.