Live Twice

Mary Lydon, Communication Design

Mary Lydon & ‘Our Group’s attempt to rethink and recreate unnoticeable by society urban spaces
using materials that the city’s environment provides us for free.

During Covid-19 pandemic many artists had to face with a lack of facilities, tough access to materials and places to exhibit their work. The street has appeared to be a solution – if any of us looks closer – there are many incredibly potential, greatly textured surfaces laying around – near key stores, in quiet corners and alleys – all over the place! Turning something that one person considers to be rubbish into art was a very interesting, moreover environmentally friendly task. Found boards had to be washed, cut to size, primered, yet this process was much more engaging then getting brand new canvas online.

The theme for these series of paintings became isolation and closeness with a message to break through, arise from the ashes of global pandemic and look towards a new life’s chapter after learning vital lessons. The fence was my favorite symbol for depicting the state of being locked so I used it quite often in my works.

It would not be fair if something that used to belong to the urban environment would then be hanging in a gallery. Therefore ‘Live Twice’’s final outcome will be an art show that is planned to take place at one of the most architecturally stunning, yet forgotten and abandoned buildings in Glasgow. For one day and after many months of preparation the place will be alive again. It’s outstanding potential is about to be revealed next summer – after its tidy and taken care of, its walls are full of art pieces, its properly safe for visitors to attend and admire its great beauty.

‘Live Twice’ is a metaphor of the rebirth. Rebirth of the material, the place and our inner strength.

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