Living adventurously and sustainably.

Rosie Giblin, Fine Art

Rosie Giblin, Fine Art Winner, 2016 GSASustainability Degree Show Prize

A note on the film stills: I have been working on a series of short films that explore our polarised relationship to the natural world and our will to survive in turbulent times. These films star and are inspired by my mother and her own radical approach to living adventurously and sustainably.

Artists’s Statement

There are two distinct sides to my practice: the pragmatic side that is engaged in making work that will serve a purpose in the real world and the side that is drawn to making work as a poetic or lyrical response to the world.
A contention exists between these two personas: the artist and the activist.

The activist argues that the artist creates no enduring changes through their playful or romantic engagement with the world. That their interventions are fleeting and lack substance. The artist contends that the activist leaves little room for unanticipated creative alternatives to come to light through their direct actions, that their modes of resistance are in danger of forgetting that the poetic can be political.

The conflict between artist and activist is universal.

The divergent strategies of resistance, of non-violent and creative disobedience, practiced by both the artist and the activist are equally essential in the struggle towards a sustainable future. Moreover, however, when the artist and the activist collaborate this is when the artwork and direct action combine and come to life.

In the past I have been almost entirely immobilised by an inner conflict between artist and activist. The struggle and the wealth of unanswerable questions creating something of a stasis in my creativity. Now, for the time being however, I am working towards channelling the uncertainty generated by this struggle. Channelling the questions that I have into creating new work in an attempt to understand the world. Resisting stasis and pushing forward. As a result the work that I make occupies, at different times and to different degrees, both the real world and dreamspace.

We live in exciting yet unpredictable times. Regularly I am uncertain about the position of art in times as precarious as these. Then I remember that although art is not food, it does feed people.

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