Monument to Progress

Shirley Wilson, Sculpture & Environmental Art

“This sculpture in its singular form is essentially a ‘Monument to Progress’. Due to the nature of the materials used, it is a lasting visual reminder of our present which will also exist in our future when we look back to the past.
It references technological progress which is heralded on one level, but also serves as a reminder of the technology that we will leave behind us. Specifically, the materiality of this old or obsolete technology which is not degradable or recycled since it is predominately constructed of plastic, will remain in our strata and therefore ‘fossilize’ in its perfectly preserved form, for millions of years.

Mobile technology is only one example of ‘techno fossils’ but there are many, many more. There are also references to architecture since the ‘binding agent’ for the phones is concrete and plaster and therefore serves as further lasting evidence of human existence.

A QR code was designed to sit alongside the sculpture during the exhibition. Those visitors with the most up-to-date technology or the appropriate ‘Ap’ on their phones could access a further reminder of the past – a selection of old ring tones!”

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