Something I heard

SEA Group exhibition. Easterhouse, Glasgow, UK

24.02.20 – 07.03.20
Featured Artists: Cai Davies, Isabella Dogliani, Cara Kennedy, Heather Mccleary, Yuxuan Mei, Johanna Saunderson, Lindsay Struthers, Emma Brown and Lisa Fabian.

Something I heard is an exhibition showcasing new work by fourth year Sculpture and Environmental art students responding to space and surrounding communities that exist within Platform and around Easterhouse. The presented artworks contain multiple collaborations as well as taking a variety of forms – from sculpture to sound installation, video and live performance.

Something I heard is comprised of a variety of independent artistic research covering a wide variety of topics (see below for a short summary of each included piece). A series of live sound installations and performance took place on the opening night, Monday 24 February 2020, including ‘Untitled: An Art School Musical (2020)’ by Isabella Dogliani, ‘The Plunge’ by Cai Davies and ‘Sing it on a Friday’ by Emma Brown and Lisa Fabian.

Thanks to support of GSA Sustainability, for the opening night, we were able to provide a free return bus from Stow helping us make the event more accessible, reducing the environmental impact of individual travel to the event and spreading the awareness and reach of the work.
More information on all included work can be found here:
Isabella Dogliani, Untitled: An Art School Musical (2020)

Cast: Lily Niamh Stones, Antony Lucchesi, Chris Blair, Isabella Dogliani, Gill Grant, Kit Fletcher, Emma Read, Neha Apsara, Jordon Walker, Chema Rodriguez Alacantara and James Doonan

A play performed by a mixed cast of art students and volunteers from Platform. The project uses humour to present a critical position on contemporary fine art, institution and what it means to study art today. The piece uses populist culture to explore the relationship between theatre and art.

Cai Davies, The Plunge

A live soundscape performed in the swimming pool at the Bridge. The sounds are field recordings and interviews taken around Easterhouse, and manipulated using analogue technology, whilst experimenting with pool acoustics.

Lisa Fabian and Emma Brown, Sing it on a Friday

Experiencing the Platform Singers choir for the past few months, from within and through regularly recording the sound, we have assembled a soundscape of our experience in the warm rehearsal circle. The installation mimics the welcoming space that is created by this gathering of voices and aims to share it with the wider community and visitors to Platform.

Cara Kennedy, Earth pots

Bringing together a series of works at various stages of completion, the installation documents the artist’s journey in ceramics. Exploring this ancient craft with a contemporary art lens, Cara considers notions of time and place of traditional craft in art today. The body of work is the result of a personal experimental project to develop throwing and modelling skills whilst pushing unexplored ideas. Alongside her studio practice, Cara has been sharing her enthusiasm through leading workshops with the Art Factory group at Platform.

Heather Mccleary, Imprint

Imprint was created through a series of workshops with the Saturday Art club at Platform. The collaboration explores the relationship between mind, body and identity within a community setting. ‘Exploring the gap between the interior and exterior environment, the space celebrates the marks, traces and impact that each individual undoubtedly has.

Lindsay Struthers, Our Bench

Our bench is a memorial to working-class youth culture in Scotland.
A bench is an area of joint experience, where people meet and connect, and memories are made; they can become a territory of sorts and provide a space to facilitate connections what may not be available otherwise. A space that myself, and many others, inhabited for a large portion of our youth, its importance should be recognised.

Johanna Saunderson, Indwelling Spirits

Single-channel video responding to Lochwood Castle which was situated to the right of Bishop Loch in Easterhouse. The manor acted as the churchmen’s country residence before being destroyed in 1579.

Yuxuan Mei, Information processor

This is an interactive work. I encourage audience to touch and push the spheres. I used two plastic spheres as carriers to show the dialogue between environment and human body. This is more likely to be a guide work for people to notice the information in our subconsciousness.