Sustainability as a Culture

Emalie Dam Christensen, Textile Design

Conference arranged by Study Hall in collaboration with Fashion Revolution and CSM in London.

As a part of Fashion Revolution Week, founder of Study Hall, Celine Semaan, organised a fashion sustainability conference in London with attendees from all over the UK including brand representatives, activists and design students. With speakers ranging from artists to scientists, designers and activists, there was a wide range of talks and discussions, with lots of information to take in. One of the speakers was Aja Barber, who also attended a recent discussion here at GSA. She took part in a panel discussion regarding inclusion and the current power balance in the fashion industry. This discussion set the tone for the rest of the conference, where the themes of inclusion and global outreach were at the core of the programme. Other speakers included designer Mara Hoffmann, sustainability director for Stella McCartney, Claire Bergkamp and the founders of Fashion Revolution, Orsola de Castro and Carry Somers – providing a helpful inside to how sustainability is considered in fashion and textiles.

As a textile design student, this event allowed me to discuss theoretical concepts in an open forum, experience how these concepts work in industry and gain an invaluable insight to how you can be sustainable in fashion and textiles. With examples of companies being built around sustainability like Stella McCartney and of a company changing their structure to enable sustainability like Mara Hoffman, it became clear that the path towards sustainability is for everyone and that a key factor is sharing of knowledge, which truly sustainable brands are mostly happy to do. Due to globalisation and the internet, this sharing becomes easier and by including POC and governments around the world, we can enable change and become more sustainable together.

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