The Holly and the Ivy do Hogmanay

Katerina Knight, Textile Design & Lewis Prosser, Painting & Printmaking

A collaboration between Textiles student Katerina Knight and former Painting and Printmaking student Lewis Prosser.

Dissatisfied with the synthetic throwaway nature of decorations within club spaces, we came together to both challenge this issue questioning how organic material can provide sustainable solution to club environments. Whilst developing more environmentally friendly methods within our practices also.

This collaboration resulted in a four tiered chandelier combining foliage and flowers. presented in The Art School on New Years Eve. All greenery was sourced responsibly from Queens Park after speaking with the Land and Environmental Services and Friends of Queens Park we were able to gather foliage in desperate need of pruning. To construct each tier of the chandelier we applied traditional horticultural methods, revisiting processes no longer commonly practiced. After the event a selection of flowers were dried and preserved whilst the remaining were composted.

Centred within the Assembly Hall the chandelier produced a multi-sensorial space, bringing people together in an immersive club environment whilst promoting sustainable practice.