The May

Robyn Anderson, Sculpture & Environmental Art

The Isle of May is managed by Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) and is one of 45 NNRs (National Nature Reserves) in Scotland. Situated at the Firth of the Forth, the island is home to the very first light house structure in Scotland, named The Beacon. Housing generations of lighthouse technology, the May captures the evolution from coal fuelled fires, to gas lamps and the current efficient electric main light operated from Edinburgh city. These systems for communication are derived from trade routes and came to be to protect their cargo, resources that are transported globally to feed into production and consumption.

A boat trip supported by GSA Sustainability took place on April 4th with the main objective to film a complete loop sailing the circumference of the Island, viewed from the deck of the boat. The Isle of May has 3 lighthouse structures and 2 foghorns on the island, a constellation for communication between body, land and sea. When viewed from the boat these structures fall in and out of view, shifting their relation to one another by what is in view and what is hidden behind the folds of the land. The film created forms the main focus of the degree show work currently in progress by Sculpture and Environmental artist, Robyn Anderson.

Anderson’s work utilises these buildings as a narrative to reflect on the relationship between human bodies and the natural other which surrounds them. Playing with personal connection and relations between the self and a looming collective responsibility.

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