The Starving Artist

Ally Zlatar, MLitt Curatorial Practice

Publication, Glasgow, UK

Featured Artists: Luisa Callegari, Lee Price, Katya Grokhovsky and Maureen Connor

The starving artist will be comprised of independent artistic research, a publication and a reflection that will explore the themes concerning the to the visual identities associated with Eating Disorders

The project addresses this discomfort behind the physical illness and the suffering endured through the embodied experience. There will be an examine the underlying narratives of the idealistic thin female body. It will be exploring themes of vulnerability, sensuality, shame and manipulation. The objective of the starving artist is to create a platform and address the dark reality of what the disease entails and confront the ambiguities of the physical body’s impact on the psyche of those who suffer from this illness. It will strive to create dialogue through the disparity between the way women are perceived and the way that they feel about their bodies, create respective and yet empowering discussions around how the corporal body can be portrayed in order to foster open and bold communication surrounding ideas about the unwell body.

Sustainability is a very important element of this project since, social justice issues such as how women’s bodies especially are supposed “to be” and admired by men, and how this affects women. Suffers are not meant to be viewed as victims, but as central actors in range of issues that are fundamental to female health. Therefore, the publication is so dire. Such development in this area is needed to start these conversations and help women have control over their bodies. For pathways to be truly sustainable and advance gender equality they need an opportunity to vocalize their suffering.

The book features contributions by the exhibiting artists as well as others and includes essays, poetry, photography, and interviews. The book will be available in late Summer/Fall 2019 and if you would like to pre-order please contact to Ally Zlatar( ).

GSA Sustainability in Action
The Starving Artist was funded in part by GSA Sustainability and was seeks to address social and ethical issues around the unwell body.

The starving artist seeks to support artist’s practices who are dealing with mental health illnesses and this publication wants to create a safe and welcoming space to have these conversations around de-stigmatize conversations surrounding the unwell body.

The use of sustainable materials in the production of printed matter for this publication aim to be environmentally conscious and text formatting will be optimal for most readers accessibility.

Thank you for your support SiAG in spreading awareness and supporting this initiative.

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