The Value of Greening Your Space

The Benefits of Plants

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Technical Support Department at GSA opened a new service for students to access technical equipment, materials, and made-to-order items at the start of the 2020 academic year. The new service, the TSD Bureau, was set up in the old Window on the Mac, and the three staff running the Bureau worked hard to make the opening of the space and a new service infrastructure possible within a matter of weeks.

Now one of the few points of physical contact for students with the school, as well as one of the few offices that were still manned, we wanted to create a space that was inviting for the students, as well as a good place of work for us. Since the space was appropriated for its new purpose, having previously been a gallery, we struggled with space-related issues such as echoing and air quality. When the reception desk we designed, the core piece of furniture that tied the space together, was installed, we were pleased with the result, but also felt that we wanted to make the student-facing side feel more welcoming and friendly. When we found out that we could apply for a budget for plants from GSA Sustainability, this was an opportunity to solve all of these issues.

We decided to source plants, soil and pots from a local business and received an amazing selection. The plants helped a lot with the echoing and made a great impact on the humidity levels and general air quality in the space. But most of all, we received a lot of positive comments from students, especially those who use the TSD Bureau service often and witnessed the transformation.

We would like to thank GSA Sustainability for making this possible!

Aaron, Frances & Lina (TSD Bureau staff)